Delphiniums, family and fun

Monday, July 6, 2009

The arrival of Kenza

Kenza Souni (see left) an horticultural student from Angers, France has come to stay for an 8 week "training period". Two previous students, Caroline (now married) and Mark, were here on similar missions some years ago and we enjoyed their company and friendship so this year, when we received a request from a likely looking Kenza we decided to give it another go.
Kenza has been with us for over week now and is proving to be a very willing, capable, happy and useful addition to the team as well as a lovely person to have around the house and good company for Janice and I.

We had an excellent harvest of good quality seed this year and are looking forward to expanding our markets. There are still many places where our delphiniums are not well known and we're keen to raise our profile in these areas. One of the projects we have in that regard is to convince as many gardens which are "open to public" to grow our delphiniums rather than the older, tired varieties they may be growing at present. If only they knew what they're missing!!
It's very encouraging to receive mail from Victoria, BC, Canada where over 1000 of our seedlings, grown to flowering in one and two gallon pots go on sale this week....and are all booked! Have you got yours?
We're also aiming to sell more plants in New Zealand and our mail order plant business is gearing up for a busy spring...just around the corner.
On the home front the garden is neglected, cold and very damp and last weekend saw the beginning of the big winter clean up. There's nothing quite like tying up extremely vigorous, new shoots of the very prickly climbing rose "Wedding Day" on a cold, rainy Sunday in mid winter I can tell you. This rose was a rampant specimen before we had to cut it down to the ground, this time last year, to make way for an extension to the house. The extension is now complete and the rose has grown to the eaves again. There won't be many flowers this year but by next spring it should cover the roof of the new porch if the autumn growth was any indication.

To the left is a picture of Caroline on her wedding day in 2007. Janice and I were lucky enough to attend the wedding in Montbrisson which we found a wonderful occasion in an extremely beautiful part of France.