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Friday, March 14, 2008

Fries on Friday

About this time of year we start wondering how the delphiniums in the northern hemisphere are coming along. It’s not so difficult to know as many people write from time to time. Right now I can tell you that they are flowering in Los Angeles (as they are in New Zealand), still under the snow in Dawson Creek, (Northern BC) and starting to shoot in Washington State, just as they are in England. Most of you will be looking forward to displays like this one, in a neighbours garden.

For many of you it’s time to make sure the tender shoots aren’t being ravaged by slugs and snails. Keep them off –either by using bait or transferring them to some sacrificial hostas! It’s a good idea to place slug pellets on your delphinium clumps before they even start to shoot, so, for those of you who are waiting for the snow to clear, make sure you’re right there when it’s gone. For those who don’t have to bother with snow (or it’s gone already), get those pellets down now.

It may be spring in the northern hemisphere but it’s Friday in Wanganui. Friday means wrapping up the week’s work and driving on down to the local family type pub for FOF (Fries on Friday) at the end of the day. This Friday it also means packing up camping gear (me only) ready for our Rotary Club’s annual trip into Hipango Park. This is a small, council owned area, set in native bush about two hours ride up the Whanganui River on a nineteenth century river boat. This year we’ll be painting a hut, some barbecue tables and tidying the track a little. We’ll have fine weather too.




Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tip on the slug pellets as soon as the snow goes....We certainly have a alot of snow here this year and will get the slug pellets out as soon as the snow melts away.

Any creative tips on staking the delphiniums. Mine have bent over as they get top heavy and sometime with heavy rain and wind they topple over...I do stake them but I guess maybe my stakes are not high enough I suppose...All is not loss though, It only forces me to cut them and bring them inside and put in a vase.

Enjoy your annual trip with the Rotary Club.

I must say the nursery is looking very awesome. Lots of work put into it.

Cheers to you!! Wish I could be there for your FOF, enjoyed those days with you and your friends.


JPPreaux said...

Thanks for sending a link to this blog !
Here in France it's the spring but only on the calendar... Today it's snowing.
My Delphiniums, some from you, are growing out of the ground and i have put some pellets of Ferramol a good bio way 'but rather expensive) to fight against slugs.