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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Storm in a tea cup.

All the shortest day activity overshadowed the fact that we have a new dog. Friday afternoon was spent preparing the garden to receive a 6 month old Alsatian cross (mongrel) puppy. Well, it's a bit late to for taking outdoor shots now but some of the NANSQ (New Zealand quilting body of which Janice is the newsletter editor) committee members who are also in Wellington for the meeting want to see images of the dog. I'd better get some!

Why have I titled this blog "Storm in a Tea Cup"?

Because the puppy was called Storm but I think it is far too gentle for that name so have instead called it "Tea Cup". It has already been shortened to "T" when training


Sazza said...

Aimee says - I can't wait to come to your place to see that dog and pat it - Jessica says i can't even wait to come to your house to see that teacup. and i really do want to pat it.

emmad said...

Ohh a new dog. :) I can beat that we have a new car nah nah