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Monday, February 2, 2009

More at last

About time we had some more I think.

This is for Anne.

On Jan 12 I bought some real cheap roses from the bargain bin of my local garden centre. They looked like this:

Three weeks later they now look like this:

Since the last post, August wasn't it? lots has happened. So much that I wont even start to tell you.

Ah well, ok. Just some.

We had a great black current crop from our three bushes.

We've almost completed extending the house (well, the builders have). Just paint and tiles to go. See Janice's blog for details.

The delphinium crop has flowered well and been pollinated successfully.

Father Christmas came.

The new dog ate Janice's shoes.

The new plastic house finally got completed.

Anne Cooke from Dawson Creek visited.

We arranged to have a French Horticulture student come next June to August.

The grandkids had chicken pox.

The garden grew and expanded.

The orchard produced plums and nectarines.

The weather has become warm.

It rained some.

I may even post more stuff on the blog soon.

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