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Thursday, December 3, 2009

In the Kitchen

Here we go, cooking again.

J cooked rissoles for dinner while N made the salad and now they are making macaroons. I really like these two visitors.

Winter returned again today. Firstly we had a power cut and I was woken by the ups beeping until I got up and closed the computers down. Then, as the day wore on the temperature dropped until now when it must surely resemble a cold winters night in Winnepeg - well, maybe not quite.

Plenty of work was done today however. I spent most of it answering emails and writing up new pages for the web site. These are for North Americans trying to find delphiniums that grow well in their region. We need to be more sophisticated when dealing with the regionalism that now dominnates google searches - probably won't make any difference! I've not updated "Terry Says" for ages and the "What are we doing this week" needed refreshing too.

Jason and Natasha prepared some plants for sale at our open weekend in a couple of days and Edita nad goodness knows how many staff were pollinating.

Oh yes, I went for a 40 minute brisk walk in half a gale


valleyrimgirl said...

I have never heard of rissoles. Did they turn out ok? What do they taste like? What are rissoles made of?

TerryD said...

Rissoles are like hamburger patties, made of beef mince, onion, egg and whatever else you care to throw in with them...herbs and spices etc. They are as nice as you make them. Jason's were delicious.