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Thursday, December 17, 2009

No Time for Christmas

I protest! The closer it gets to Christmas the faster the days go. This is an interesting phenomenon that most people assume has been around since time immemorial - not so!

Think carefully and you will realise this is so. Do you not remember waiting for Christmas as a child? Did it not seem to take just ages to come? And what about Christmas Eve, the hours just crawled by lying in bed waiting for the eyelids to become tired enough for sleep, or crafty and resolute enough to see dad creeping in with the stocking. No, this is a new phenomenon. Further more it is attached to Global Warming! Yes, it's true.

It's not so noticeable in the northern hemisphere where the winter days are cold but here in summery, warm New Zealand it is obvious that the warmer than usual days around Christmas are actually speeding time up, so any one point in time lasts for less time. A second of warm time actually lasts for less time than a second of cold time. This is because warm time molecules are more active and so get their job done in less time.
From our point of view we therefore seem to have less time the get the Christmas shopping and other arrrangements completed. From our children's point of view they will also have less time to wait for Santa.

I really don't have time for this. Here are a few images from the last couple of days. First Miles Bockett doing some Pirate Ship painting (a Rotary project)

Next, Jason sawing up a tree we had just felled.

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