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Monday, January 11, 2010

Bad Habits

It looks like I'm slipping into bad habits. Actually, it only looks that way. I'm really slipping out of bad habits. Farmville was the trigger for reminding me about blogging but lately I've been giving Farmville the cold shoulder as other pressing business has been, well, pressing. So you see I'm giving up the bad habit of Farmville but now have to find another one to remind me about my good habit of blogging. Any recommendations?

The weather is cool and showery and ideal for growing, especially weeds.

I've been inside doing book work all day.

I want to be outside pollinating my experimental crosses.

The new crop of flowering delphinium trials have produced some fantastic plants but they are under wraps until later as they are very significant and I need to evaluate them thoroughly before possible release. Yeah I know, that's mean!

I'm busy.



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