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Thursday, January 21, 2010

A day in the office

Not a lot happened today. Some work in the nursery in the morning but otherwise a day spent in the office looking after mum and dad's affairs. This doesn't seem that much but when there are powers of attorney shared over two parents between two brothers, one in Invercargill and the other in Wanganui, it makes simple things much more difficult. Then of course there is always the counter intuitive web sites that have to be visited while attending to these affairs and, well, the day went.

Today was however saved somewhat in the evening when an old friend of Janice's (mine too) called in for dinner and a chat and I got to forget about a Rotary committee meeting. Life has its compensations!

Thanks Carmel

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Anonymous said...

Dear Terry,
I just discovered Dowdeswell's Delphiniums and your blog while trying to find out why my delphinium seedlings haven't produced roots. I bookmarked your site and will check back from time to time: I love delphiniums! Although, I truly can't justify such an expensive seed purchase this year, I'll be dropping my pennies in a jar for a packet next year. I hope to see some of the top-secret delphiniums on your blog someday.