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Monday, March 29, 2010

Day Off

We had a day off today.


After dinner last night I suggested to Janice that we play hooky today. She agreed. We did. Instead of doing any work we just went out and enjoyed ourselves. First we both went into Wanganui to my Rotary club (well, not all mine) for breakfast at 7am, listened to the speaker telling us about best practice in hospital management systems, had a chat to our mates and then just set off, away, gone!

Hey! Where'd Janice go?

It was a fine, sunny day (except for Stratford which is always cloudy even when its sunny) and we simply drove up the west coast stopping at a couple of beaches we hadn't visited before, looking at a few shops, some scenery and stopping for morning tea and lunch on the way.
Mt Taranaki, a dormant volcano of around 2000 metres high, is a great sight to see when snow capped and without cloud. Unfortunately lack of cloud cover is something the mountain does not suffer from so we hardly saw it at all and even when we did it was not snow capped as this is the end of summer. we settled for looking at a lake and the beaches instead and went for a short walk.

After all that strenuous exercise we drove slowly back to Wanganui where we just had to check out the progress on the refurbishment of a restaurant in town. This restaurant has already had three incarnations since we've been here (ten years) and is now almost ready for a new life as an Italian restaurant. The new owner was out painting the entrance and window sills as was delighted to know he would have some customers once it opened, which he thinks will be in about 2 weeks (depending on a liquor licence and final decorative effects) . It certainly helps that he is Italian himself. It may be good.
I checked on the nursery while Janice rustled up some delicious dinner and we've had a lazy evening too.


Nothing to report


Nothing to report

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nadeeka said...

Sounds an awesome day. Great photos!