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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

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I've been doing a little gardening lately. Don't worry northern hemisphere folk, you'll get out there soon!

At the weekend I tidied, weeded etc all the area visible from the dining room, then swept the courtyard, pruned Cecil Brunner and the rampant weeping elm tree that was preventing us using our entrance gate, and then had a rest. In the evenings this week I've pruned the Westland(?) rambler over the woodshed and weeded the gardens near there, removed the peeling blue gate and generally tidied the area, then had a rest. Tonight I removed a few wheelbarrows full of soggy clay from around the back of the house and cleaned up the mess that the builders had made over a year ago. Then had a rest. Tomorrow evening I'll tidy up the area around the ferns near our water tank. Friday evening I'll just rest.

The Wedding Day rose which is now threatening to strangle the new porch is in line for a prune next weekend.

Janice has a broken tooth and needs a crown on it. She is booked in for next Tuesday. She'll get lots of sympathy from me of course, but I'll probably be quite busy gardening.

Could be I'll add a photo or two tomorrow.



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