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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Ok, no excuses, I forgot to do it yesterday alright!!!

Excuse 1) Monday was a holiday here in New Zealand so my system was disrupted

Excuse 2) There was a lot of weeding to do in the garden and I got carried away

Excuse 3) It was sunny and warm. This was the first sunny, warm day for a few weeks and it was glorious outside. Who in his right mind would come inside to blog?

Excuse 4) When I finally did get inside there was dinner to eat and work to do

Excuse 5) I was tired after the hard day outside and evening in the office

Ok, so today was wet and cold. What a good job I mowed the lawns yesterday evening

Does it really matter if I don't use full stops?

Today was very productive at work, making up for yesterday off. I fixed a few things, visited our trial patch and tended it, planned the week's work with Edita, visited mum and dad, picked up fertiliser etc. Now it's inside to blog, farmville and get off down to backgammon, pick up the scales I lent to Robert, come home and pack out some seed for an order and post it.



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nadeeka said...

So you really did make it to to backgammon this time?