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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On Tour

Janice and I were up at 4;30 this morning getting ready to leave for Auckland, about 500km north of wanaganui. We are visiting a plant and cut flower exporter, sorting out the selling of my father and mother's house and finishing emptying out the garage, still full of my brother's "stuff".
Well, it's 6pm and the house business is almost all done. Colin, our eldest daughter's (Emma's) partner brought his large truck and we filled it to bursting. Colin and emma are storing the gear until Alex, currently in Invercargill, can sort out what he needs. That could take a while.

This evening we are visiting Janice's niece and family (lovely people) and  then staying with Janice's sister's place (lovely people too). Tomorrow we drive back home after a business meeting ar 11am.

But what of farmville? We were both reasonably well organised and planted long term crops...I think!

Leaving the nursery at this time of year (when water demand increases rapidly and the plants grow like crazy) is a little scary...but a good test for our manager.

That's all for today. I'm doing this today mainly because I've committed to it, as there's no delphinium talk. More tomorrow.



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