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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Home again, Home again, Gigity gig!

We have arrived home before dark after a successful trip to Auckland.

Today we began by having a puncture fixed (because of a nail in one of the car tyres) and then kept our appointment with the waste bin at my parents old house where we threw out all the remaining rubbish from the garage. The place is now in a good condition to sell and it will be offered for auction on November 28th.

From there we drove south a few ks to Drury to meet another flower breeder, grower and exporter and chew the cud over business possibilities. By the time we left it was 2pm and as Wanganui is a 6 hour drive from there decided to go straight home after stopping for lunch. We later called at the "Persimmon Tree" at Pirongia which is the best cafe/restaurant (real food) on the way home, where Janice had a freshly baked, gluten free friand and I a rhubarb and apple tart. I heartily recommend this place to any traveler - superb food and service at a very reasonable price.

The only stop we made after Pirongia was to collect the weekly box of fresh, organic veges from Robert and Jennifer's place. We have to have it delivered there as they are in town and delivering it to us (out of town) would take another day.

And so to email, blog, farmville and bed.



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