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Sunday, November 29, 2009

A day of rest

Ah good, a day of rest.

Up at 7 went for a half hour walk with Janice, had breakfast and then finished of the 9 hanging baskets that are for Robert and Jennifer's place in about 3 weeks time. For the past couple of years I've cheated and bought the baskets ready made but this time decided to return to the real thing and made them myself, with the help of Natasha who did two yesterday. They are now sitting in the plastic house waiting for me to remember to water them.

After that a bike ride seemed in order and s there was not too much wind I stayed in the peddles for and hour - a good work out - and that cut out the morning. Next was a quick shower and off to see mum and dad in the rest home. I fed dad lunch in the courtyard and them took mum down to see him. He was very pleased and gave her a beaming smile.

As I needed more plants for our hanging baskets I called at the garden centre on my way home, the intention being to plant up more baskets today...but there's not enough time left now thanks to a cup of tea, a game of crib with Janice, a tour of the nursery with Jason and Natasha and a half hour distraction on the guitar. That's ok. It's now 4:30pm and I have to put the spuds on. R&J on on main (except for spuds). Janice on nibbles and I have J and N to help with desert.

See you tomorrow

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valleyrimgirl said...

Hi, Terry,

This is Jason's mom. I am glad to hear that you are enjoying Jason and Natasha's company.

Yes, they love food and love cooking together.

I would love to see, in person, your place someday. I am glad that it worked out for the two of them to be at your place. Keep them busy! :)

Say Hi!