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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Tomorrow is another day - today. I'm fully recovered from the whatever it was that floored me and have enjoyed today from start (answering email at 6:30am) to finish (blogging at 8:30pm) and I still have to tend my farmville farm.

Today the irrigation was still working so I sealed it up, the sun shone, the tempreature was relatively warm and the wind relatively subdued. I spent time making dwarf delphinium crosses and pumping up the tyres of eight pollinating steps (must get a photo) three wheel barrows, a sprayer and a trailer as well as my bicycle. This was quite easy as I've just bought a new foot pump. No, don't ask why I need my foot pumping!

There were lots of other sundry jobs too, some in the office and some out of it (thank goodness). The great thing about these is that they all went well.

At about 3pm I loaded 35 or so delphiniums in 8 litre pots, took them to the Bason Botanic Gardens, 15 minutes out of Wanganui, couldn't find anyone to take delivery so consulted "the plan" and planted them myself. See above. I also admired the first of our delphiniums flowering in the Homestead Garden - see below. We provide all the delphiniums free of charge and are rewarded with some really good warm fuzzies and a beautiful garden to visit.

It was absolute bliss. On returning home at 5:30 I met a prospective worker (I forgot she was coming) that Janice was just showing round and after coming inside cooked a steak dinner for Janice and me followed by baked apple and ice cream.

Ok, can I go now?



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Janice said...

Steak and baked apple were both perfect! You should cook more often :-)