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Monday, November 9, 2009

On Being Five

Janice and I spent Friday and Saturday in Wellington with our daughter Sarah and her family. We were there for Jessica's 5th birthday. Jessica is our youngest grandaughter and obviously very full of herself about being FIVE and able to start school - which she did this morning. No reports yet except that she went enthusiastically.

Whenever we have a grandchild reach the age of 5 Janice makes them a quilt to present at their birthday. Last week was rather frantic with all the other work needing to be completed as well as the quilt, but she made it.

We drove home on Sunday morning in bright sunshine and spent the afternoon installing a new tv (Sarah got us a good deal) attending to the nursery and tidying around a little. Oh, then there was the preparing of the cheeseboard (Janice), the cooking of desert (me - slow cooked fresh pears with a caramel sauce and cream) for dinner at the Gaskin's that evening. It turned out to be a great meal with Robert cooking a coconut, banana, capsicum and chili steamed fish, Jennifer the colourful veges and our contribution. Delicious!

This morning Janice and I heard the Mayor of Otorohanga, a small NZ town, speak about how they managed to get the unemployment rate down to zero - real jobs, real opportunity and real commitment to kids.

The delphiniums are charging away now, there's a heap of management stuff to do, pr, writing, staff to hire and .... better get it done.



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