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Friday, November 6, 2009

You can bank on it - maybe!

I had lots of messages in town this morning, mostly connected with all the things you have to do when your parents get old and need care. The most difficult of these tend to be related to banks or, more specifically, my parents bankers, the ANZ bank or, more specifically, the Internet banking arm of the ANZ which, specifically, is a cripple without a crutch. Further, if it did have a crutch it wouldn't know how to use it or where to put it. I could make a suggestion or two.
For some reason the ANZ have obviously designed their Internet banking site to be a challenge for their clients. I naively believed that once I had registered and obtained a password then I could conduct or access all, or most transaction types on line. However, if you are doing anything for the first time (like making a payment to a third party) you get to go through a few screens and are then directed to ring customer service to set it up - which they do. There are more passwords and pin numbers required than anyone can possibly remember and once you have a drawerful of these - they don't work. Well, not properly and not in Firefox.
I spent the best part of an hour battling with the system yesterday and this morning presented myself, yes physically, at our local branch where they completed the 5 different transactions or so in around 5 minutes. Now, even allowing 25 minutes travel time, I save half an hour. Welcome to Internet banking ANZ style - no thanks!

It has been a wonderfully sunny, warm day today. Tomorrow will be the same. I love fine week ends. I thought you'd like to know that. I just have this hang-up about stupid banks.



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