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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Delphiniums trials are growing

The seedling trials at Bristol's are now starting to grow and strangely, the weeds are too.The top of the soil dries our quickly and a few hours with a hoe should see the weeds gone and a light, fluffy soil mulch in their place, until the next rain. We're due for a week of fine weather though and it should dry the weeds out well and give the delph a chance to outgrow them.

This afternoon is fine and sunny and I should be inside doing more paper pushing but am going to sneak out and do some plant work....which I have now done and this had better close now as Janice and I are off to a movie!



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nadeeka said...

remember, back in our weeding days, we didn't quite get around to working out if it was the actual weeding or the singing that kept the weeds away? maybe sarah & i can record a x'mas tape for you, and you can test it out on these delphs?